Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Big Picture

Time is precious and the older you get, the faster time flies.  I just left the decade of my 20's on April 13 2013 and entered into my 30's.  Often times, friends feel daunted by turning 30 but I look at it as a celebration!  Why not, after all?!  The way I see it, you have a choice to either accept it and be happy, or deny it and be miserable.

2012 was a pretty interesting and bumpy year.  As an actor, I worked at THEATRE BY THE SEA in Rhode Island playing JINX in FOREVER PLAID.  The show ended in the middle of June and I returned to New York.  I worked briefly at the Jackson Hole Playhouse returning to the role I originated in the original "The Ballad of Cat Ballou."

In October of 2012, I was booked to play Phil Davis in WHITE CHRISTMAS at Surflight Theatre in New Jersey.  At this time, my roommate's sister Lotus Lionheart (previously known as a male) was evicted from her apartment and needed to stay with us.  I was apprehensive to the situation but was leaving to begin work in New Jersey on November 4th... However, hurricane Sandy devastated the New York area causing great damage not only to many homes near the water, but also nearly destroying Surflight.  At the first rehearsal for White Christmas, it was announced that the show had to be cancelled.  I was devastated to loose a job.  I had already made arrangements for a sublet to rent out the apartment for 2 months.  He had paid me a lump sum for the 2 months for which I was to be gone... which I used to pay a few bills.  Upon the news of loosing my job, I had no money and nowhere to live since I couldn't pay back my sublet.  Meanwhile, Lotus (the dearly troubled) is reaching out for help by making suicide attempts.

Brendan Hahn, a new friend and miracle, offered me help and a couch to sleep on in his apartment in NJ.  Inevitably, it was through this strange event obstacle fiasco that dear friend and Artistic Director of the Ogunquit Playhouse in Maine, Brad Kenney, reached out to me asking if I was willing and available to play a featured Counter Tenor in the staging of a new concert musical called THE CHRISTMAS ROSE, starring Jane Seymour.  I was thrilled and honored to solo with a 72 piece orchestra on the legendary Carnegie Hall Stage in New York City.

The universe is a strange place with adventure... We just have to be willing to role with the bunches and look at the big picture.  We must count all events as a benefit for our ultimate journey of understanding.  All good and bad experiences are for our good.

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