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"You're Not Broken." TRUE.

My favorite word is "Contradiction." I chose it. 
My favorite number is "34." It chose me.

It's finally come to my consciousness that when I was thinking of favorite words, I'd come up with "CONTRADICTION," because oddly enough, that word has been a reflection of my life.  I use that word anywhere I can; when I manufacture a fragrance for any gender, it will be called "CONTRADICTION." "GAY" & "MORMON"? Those are two very contradictory things that "identify" me... But rather than resenting the polar magnitude of both by trying to be "perfect", why not fuse the truth of both to a place of peace. Stay tuned. 

I see the number 34 EVERYWHERE. I see 34 on the clock, on every sports jersey that I look at, the road I drive every day... and my BIRTHDAY is 4/13. 3+4 = 7. I'm 34 years old right now.  In the years leading up to this year of 2017 (which 17 + 17 = 34), I have written down what my SOUL fel…

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